AML – Technical Manual: AMEK M AMEK M Technical Manual (Copy). Available until stocks are exhausted. £ each () Quantity. Tag: Amek M console. About. About 45+ years of fun and games Paul Christensen and his wife Donna founded Omega Productions in March of Console. Vintage AMEK M, In-Line 40 Channel ls Stereo, 4-Band Full Parametric EQ, Hi/Low Pass Filters.

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The man says me that the console was recapped inbut inside, I see some caps that for me are the originals Not shabby either, but these can be changed to modern That if you want less mud and distortion.

Hi I’ve amdk to buy an Amek m in very great shape Some upgrade or change? The desk is entirely based on the VCA concept. You get great preamps, the best EQ ever and a lot of features with distinctive sound. Some advice about other caps? My schematisc are old, very used, barely readable and have a lot of handdrawn “modifications” on it.

Renew these or solder the pins directly, omitting the sockets. Recap it of course.

Amek M console – Omega Productions

The master fader is VCA as well. The rectifiers are bolted to the bottom of the case. They can get lose, reducing the thermal coupling to the case.


The great thing is that there’s amekk board diary with all the maintenance over the years These are the original caps. There are also, very big images with all the schematics! Some tantalums in this desk are in the audiosignalpath. If you want it to sound more clean and modern then replace these caps with electrolytics und increase the capacity value by 2x to 4x.

Check it akek first before you think about upgrades. Thanks for great info!

Spectral Recording Studio

There are direct out on all channells? Some say that tantalum caps have infinite life. Anything from 10uF to uF is fine. They sit close to the fader in the logic section.

Tag: Amek M2500 console

My desk is a pre series version without automation. Renew all thermal grease at the all rectifiers, regulators and power transistors. Definitely recap the regulator boards and get rid of the tantalums over there. It’s possible to find something that could work? If you want to stick with the original sound then replace with the same cap.

Thanks Jensenmann for all the info Replacing the big PSU caps with something else will be a mechanical problem. Your copies are on the way.


Bypasscaps are fine, too, no matter if ceramic or poly. The TO3 sockets of the regulators and power transistors sometimes have contact problems. I will receive the schematics scans in the next two days, after that I will share Hi I’m starting to compile the buy list for the recapping and I need some help The console have automation installed the man say Optifile Tetra but I don’t have a original external computer.

Those desks were made on special order, so you got what you ordered. Next weeks i will pick up the console and i want to recap and check all, Some advice? Hence they get baked and are prone to failure. If not it’s better to remove the automation system? But never use ceramic bypasscaps m2500 caps in the audiopath.

Hi The console is at home!!!

Now I will try to scan them and if someone need them I will be very happy to share December 26, ,