W Monocrystalline Module, Canadian Solar CS5PM, Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Silver, UL certified, California CEC listed. This low priced solar. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. CS5PM. W. V. A. V. A. Nominal Maximum Power at STC (Pmax). Optimum Operating. : Canadian Solar CS5PM Solar Panel Watts From King SolarMan Inc: Garden & Outdoor.

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Review added by Sunny Review Type: Production as anticipated was way down. Write Your Own Review. CS5AM 72 Mono cells.

Canadian Solar CS5P-250M Monocrystalline Panel

Manufacturing Locations By the end of Canadian Solar intends to have a total of around 6. I can’t say that the system has ever reached the 5 KW that it is supposed to.

The system is overproducing and we didn’t mind panel brands simply because we utilized a PPA for guaranteed power production. Although I am pleased with my installation, this review should only be about the panels themselves.

They will also have an additional MW capacity in China acquired from a recently bankrupt competitor. Canadian Solar is a producer of tier 1 panels. Review added by Lee Jr. Review added by 18porcupine Type: Review added by ballmr84 Type: At first, it would work ok until it heated up at around 10 AM.

The key reason that we rate Canadian in our top 5 as a solar panel brand is not the performance of the solar panels per se it is the value they offer, their stable financial position and their reputation for manufacturing quality control.


I live in the high desert north of Los Angeles and we have few clouds but very high heat. I have not even had to wash them thanks to natural rainfall.

Review added by Almaine Type: Review added by mrwizzer Type: Dymond Double Glass Panels Most solar panels have glass on top and a plastic sheet on the underside. Check very carefully about the location of the panels. Way over promised and never delivered anything. First installation was crooked and messy, noted by the electrician, who had the workers re-install the panels in better alignment To get your quotes, please enter your postcode: Panels have worked efficiently and faithfully since system was installed with no problems.

PV Module Manufacturer Details – FSEC Energy Research Center

But i have noticed other installations where the 520m are in multiple orientations Bought From: I am so pleased with the experience we have had with our panel’s thus far. We carefully pre-vet All of Our installers and your quotes are zero-obligation. Review added by Ironhorsekc Type: Shawn Qu now spends most of his time in China and that is understandable, as in winter it is so cold in Canada it is possible to freeze to death in less time than it takes for a bear to find you and eat you.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode. Canadian Solar has an Australian office and unlike most panel manufacturers it is in Melbourne rather than Sydney. These panels are certified as corrosion resistant and so are suitable for installation anywhere.

Review ca5p by Sully69 Type: No problems Bought From: We are operational and working it took a bit of time to get through the long process of having our county approve the solar and inspections.


Review added by pfrass Type: From the end of July to March I had produced all the power I needed for everything plus heat my house.

We have not paid a bill since June Review added by RAS2 Type: From my knowledge I believe this to be a higher level panel compared to some companies.

So a high score is a good sign while a low score is not a cx5p sign, but not necessarily a bad sign. Review added by GregH Type: Review added by Swiss Cannonball Type: Too much of a variance and your system needs to compensate for the different cs5.

Review added by Kristy Type: We cd5p had no other issues. Review added by Mason Type: Just got our last bill from our power 25m and it indicated rates were going up so I am happy our household is now using more solar.

Eligible PV Modules – NERC

Please complete site address. Canadian Solar panels have a 10 year product warranty which covers them if they fail to work in ccs5p time period due to a fault in manufacture.

Review added by SolarJT Type: Solar Essence Review Date: Locked in with Feed-in-tariff of Our installer replaced that panel and all have been working well since.