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Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Enlisted MOS Specifications DA Pam , Chapter Note: Links are to the official milSuite site; CAC login requried. DA PAM – Military Occupational Classification and Structure. This new Department of the Army pamphlet– o Consolidates AR

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DA PAM online | Army Study Guide

If the 611-2 does not show the period of extension, it is not valid. This 611-21 requires the applicant to remain assigned to the Selected Reserve for a period of three years before being transferred to the IRR for the remaining five years. Documents to verify citizenship eligibility include return all documents to applicant after proper citizenship entries are made on the DD Form. Enlistment is not authorized if either parent objects. AR requirements continue below.

Enlistment of qualified persons will be the foremost goal of persons who take part in, or are connected with, processing applicants for enlistment in the ARNG. Semester hours or quarter hours earned through college test programs may paj used for advanced promotion, but may not be used for enlistment purposes.

Initial information is attached at the following link.

One parent is required to sign the DD Form Accessions Medical Prescreen 6111-21 for applicants under the age of 18 for medical examination. A letter from the recruiting company commander or ARNG State Education Office verifying with the registrar the number of credits earned and that transcripts are not available due to debt to the school is authorized to award accelerated promotion.

An alien who has been lawfully admitted to the United States for conditional permanent residence is also eligible for enlistment.


However, if a mandatory period of residence is required, then joint physical custody exists and the applicant is not eligible to enlist. Parental consent may not be obtained more than 30 days prior to the 17th birthday; applicants must be 17 years of age at time of the test, physical, and contracting into the ARNG.

However, 611-21 parental signature is acceptable if the other parent is deemed incapacitated, or absent at an unknown location for an indefinite period.

Pages on this site will not be updated. Authority for enlistment grade must be entered in the remarks section of DD Formto include a statement that the documents used to pma the Soldier have been verified for example, pay grade E-3 authorized per para c, by guidance counselor name and rank.

Court order changing name. AR only provides for one type of exception to policy. TAG may consider waiver.

However, statutory authority exists with respect to the enlistment of citizens from the island nations of the Federated D of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Applicants are not authorized to enlist or ship to training without a valid I card.

Pay grade and date of rank a. If the Canal Zone birth certificate does not clearly establish that citizenship has been derived, to qualify for enlistment an applicant must verify their U.

Courses below the series may be used if the college or university applies them to a degree-producing program. Waivers may be requested for medical defects, provided applicant is not under the care of a physician or taking medication for the defect. Applicant still needs a spouse waiver.

This document is acceptable, provided it clearly indicates the island of birth and the island is part of the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. However, if the applicant does not intend to return to school, verify that the applicant has withdrawn, and notify the school of his or her intention to enlist.




Applicants who refuse to submit to drug or alcohol testing will be denied further processing and enlistment no waiver authorized. In appropriate cases, complete DD Form Police Record Check to show both names maiden, if applicable, and assumed name on one of the official documents indicated above. Verification must be presented prior to enlistment into the ARNG. The following countries, territories, and nations are exempt from the evaluation requirement, and their education documents will be treated in the same manner as those from any U.

Applicant will be tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs. Army recognizes that some persons for personal reasons have given up custody of a child or children. Evaluations of foreign transcripts will be accepted from any degree granting institution accredited by any accrediting organization recognized by the U. Applicants must qualify for the higher grade at the time of enlistment.

The telephonic or email verification for ARNG enlistment must include name of applicant, date of birth, name of school, school address, school phone number, date of graduation, name and title of individual providing verification, and the name and title of individual conducting verification.