Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. “Excitotoxin: a substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of. Excitotoxins has ratings and 41 reviews. Shannon said: Very, very Goood!!! I am allergic to (MSG)a.k.a. Mono-sodium- glutimate. It is in so many diff. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills | Book overview written by: Eliza Fulton, 2 nd year.

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Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills

Why We Waste Food. When free radicals are not quenched they can stimulate the release of more excitotoxins from storage.

This too will add to the damage. Antibiotics and Food Allergies. Why would it be toxic? The Msg Symptom Complex: But that is exactly what is being done.

Advice seems to be that it is just best to avoid them.

Review of: Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills | American Nutrition Association

I didn’t get to read this as thoroughly as I wanted. It is a book that should be read by all health professionals. Citing over five hundred scientific studies, Excitotoxins explores the dangers of aspartame, MSG, and other substances added to our food. Too many other books thw read. Nonetheless, I believe that generally, we consume far too many harmful food additives.

In this way normally excluded excitotoxins from food can endanger the brain. Surprisingly, I found myself drawn in and wanting to learn more about excitotoxins such as MSG and aspartate and what effects they have on the human brain.


He also mentions that the excitotoxin “cysteine can easily penetrate the intact blood-brain barrier and that hydrolyzed vegetable protein contains cysteine.

Also, such physical stress can cause a prolonged fall in the blood glucose and hence in brain glucose, which results in greater vulnerability of the brain to excitotoxins both occurring naturally within the brain and those supplied by the diet. Henneberry, PhD, “I consider it ironic that the pharmaceutical industry is investing vast resources in the development of glutamate receptor blockers to protect [the central nervous system] neurons against glutamate neurotoxicity in common neurological disorders, while at the same time, the food industry, with the blessing of the FDA [Food and Drug Administration], continues to add great quantities of glutamate to the food supply.

I am not worried that I will be struck dumb anytime soon, but I am certainly sold on the fact that these are substances that really shouldn’t be added to our foods simply to improve taste and sales. Well, if you want all the fun of dinner out to be spoiled forever, read this. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Customers who bought this item also bought. As a side note, I also enjoyed learning a lot about how the brain works, not to mention its incredible powers to heal itself and function after irreversible damage.

Thanks to his book and other books and sites, I am free from hydrocephalus and seizures. The prescribed diet of choice for the hypoglycemic is: For a more medical perspective on the problems caused by excitotoxins, perhaps Philpott. It would seem obvious even to the layman that you would not use a control substance to compare to a known toxin if the control contained the same class of chemical toxin.

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The first chapter is optional Don’t eat food created in a laboratory. He lectures widely to both lay and professional medical audiences on a variety of nutritional subjects. Some processes involve storing the extra glutamate in nearby glia cells. Glutamate, as monosodium glutamate MSG is added to many foods. Thanks for telling us about the problem. No Microbiome Obesity Link?

I felt like I was reading something intended for medical professionals. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Blaylock explains in detail and with excellent illustrations exactly which areas fxcitotoxins the brain are involved in the neurodegenerative diseases: Works by a listed author subject to copyrights as marked.

His second book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, covers the common basis of all diseases, nutritional protection against diseases of aging, protection against heavy metal toxicity, the fluoride debate, pesticide and herbicide toxicity, excitotoxin update, the vaccine controversy, protection against heart attacks and strokes and contains a new chapter on omega-3 fats.