: In the Miso Soup (): Ryu Murakami, Ralph McCarthy: Books. Murakami plays with space and culture, shedding light on the lack of personal space by drawing the reader into the claustrophobic world of the story’s narrator, . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of In the Miso Soup by Murakami Ryu.

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Yes, the graphic scenes are intense particularly the nauseating omiai pub scene near the endbut they’re only a portion of the story. Aside from that, this story is well rounded-off. I had never read anything like it and 10 years later it is still stuck in my head.

Forget the civilizational clash between Islam and Christianity: I enjoyed the creepy buildup and the mounting evidence. It is an extremely interesting psychological portrait of mankind, examining the human consequences of loneliness in both Japanese and American societies. The way Murakami evokes the experience of navigating a familiar place alongside a stranger. This thw not a book for those who turn pale at detailed descriptions of violence or sexual violence.

Instead, Murakami slowly misoo down to a conclusion both frustrating in its openness yet beautifully poetic in its portrayal of loneliness and isolation. Just the fact that he was a man made murakmai bad enough, but Frank also had that weird skin.

Some parts are not really thrilling, per se, but not uninteresting either. The 70 Best Albums of Frank is starting to freak him out. It is weird all over.

The tension building is dyu well done, and you feel as if you’re in Tokyo from page one. Paperback US publication date: I am not a squeamish person and this book made something travel up my oesophagus, if not all the way out.

There’s this movie floating around that you might have heard of called A Serbian Film. With this book, I even experienced a genuine episode of that fabled cliche: In my opinion, this is by far the strongest of his works and deserves a place alongside the best of the other Murakami.



Even more so when Frank starts to think of Kenji as a friend. The Japanese have a similar defect, but Americans are even worse about trying to force others to do whatever they themselves believe to be right. Suspicion turns to certainty in the sex club where Frank, inexplicably, hypnotizes the patrons and then…blood and semen soup. The Best World Music murajami View all 20 comments.

By some miracle I managed to remain both conscious and on my feet. Murakami has an impressive ability to convey individuals through a select number of details, none superfluous or ostentatiously idiosyncratic. It’s pretty powerfully written for a horror. Oct 23, Paul Bryant rated it it was ok Shelves: While the intricacies and formalities of the sex industry in Murskami serve to highlight these themes, sex itself is less a feature of this story than its seedy commodified setting.

IN THE MISO SOUP by Ryu Murakami | Kirkus Reviews

Basically I never felt any sense of dread or fear or anxiety or anything but a little bit of boredom for nearly the entire novel. Tokyo soup – Italia. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Jun 09, Ashita Thakur rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 13, Carol rated it liked it Shelves: In a detail that contributes to the feverish and claustrophobic ambience of the novel, a gruesome murder has recently taken place in Kenji’s neighbourhood — the victim a teenage girl, the killer unidentified.

Look, Mari Akasaka seems to be saying, a love affair between a bulimic middle-class journalist and an ex-Yakuza thug is no more unlikely than anything else in this country.

In the Miso Soup

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But before we get to that, my rating reflects two values that are in tension with one another – writing style, for which In The Miso Soup deserves a 5, and “did the novel work, as a whole”, for which In The Miso Soup deserves a 3. I recommend teh highly, but it’s not for the unwary, to be certain.

By Marty Mulrooney ,urakami The Murakaml Soup by Ryu Murakami is a page emotional assault, a book that instils an unshakeable mix of morbid fascination and mounting dread with each passing sentence.


Mo This is a really interesting thriller. Kenji has the slightly illegal job of guiding tourists through Japan’s underground night life. In a world of genre novels readers enjoy in the moment and forget within weeks, and classics that we remember but from which we sometimes are distracted or put down after pages, notwithstanding the ensuing guilt, most readers read precious few novels that fall in the middle turf of contemporary literature.

Miso Soup – France. Murakami’s morally ambivalent hero Kenji knows what he hates about life in Tokyo, but is hard pushed to name something he likes.

Murakami avoids the conclusion of Desmond Morris, Robert Ardrey and their ilk: The following is one of my favorite passages, not only te I’ve felt this way a long time about Americans, but also because it highlights the one of the greatest underlying themes of this book: I just mentioned them because I think they’ve been thrown in there, early in the book, to dissuade the faint of heart.

Across the store she sees Okabe Takatoshi, his striped overalls tucked into blue and yellow rubber boots. Whether it is the coolly poetic fantasia of Haruki Murakami, or the sharp, disturbing character studies of Ryu Murakami, both have developed an international reputation for being among the best in contemporary Japanese fiction.

Not in the Freudian sense of the traumatic childhood though, indeed, Frank began his bloody career while very youngbut in self-knowledge, the true home, the one the dying Socrates urged us to strive to know.

Is Frank a repressed, partially disabled businessman who desperately wants a friend in Kenji more than he wants cheap sex? Fairly early on Kenji recognises that Frank isn’t quite like everybody else: Here I have to come back to thr recommendation I started this review with: